Ensuring the safety and quality of our products has always been at the core of Al-kausar. In fact, we believe it has helped to drive our long-term success.

At Al-kausar, our quality programs are focused on the ingredients and materials we use to create and package our products. Such programs also guide the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of our products.

Across all of our product lines, we are committed to staying current with new regulations and industry best practices so that we can reassess the relevance of our requirements and guidelines on a regular basis.


At Al-kausar, we recognize that our products rely on the Earth’s natural resources. That’s why we are committed to minimizing the impact that our business has on the environment through innovation across our operations.

Al-kausar Salt is working to reduce energy consumption at all our manufacturing facilities in an effort to shrink our carbon footprint and increase efficiency. For example, we actively seek alternative energy programs. Solar applications have already been installed at several of our facilities, eliminating the need for outside power at several remote locations. We continue to look at wind power and other solutions that will help us lower our environmental impact even further. We’re also looking hard at more packaging initiatives to reduce waste and environmental impact.


If you are a rice importer/buyer, we encourage you to contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We would be glad to offer you a price quotation and see how we can satisfy your needs and work in collaboration with your esteemed organization.