Rock Salt

Pakistan is an excellent country for salt production due to the many salt ranges. The ranges stretch from Kalabagh to Jhelum in the province of Punjab. Other than that, the geological surveys of the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) have stated that there is about 2.65 billion tons of salt is present in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone. Furthermore, the reserves at Bahadurkhel in Kohat are estimated to be 10.54 billion tons.

Al kausar salt has partnership in many rock salt mines situated in 400 km long salt belt, where we are mining,white, pink to dark pink Himalayan Rock Salt for food as well as for decoration purpose.

We are also manufacturing a wide variety of rock salt products, Our Himalayan Salt lamp production unit is
successfully producing not only natural Himalayan salt lamp but the shapes , like animal, famous places,

charismas tree etc so “you name it we have it.” We are also producing Himalayan bath salt, bath soap, cattle lick, Himalayan salt cooking plate and spa salt therapy products.


If you are a importer/buyer, we encourage you to contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We would be glad to offer you a price quotation and see how we can satisfy your needs and work in collaboration with your esteemed organization.